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Project KANA ~harmonise with infinity

We believe it is important that we understand ourselves and others.

We try to practice this by expressing Japanese culture through Western style music. In this way, we try to build a bridge between these two different cultures. Music can be a beautiful force that unites people from all backgrounds. Additionally, we wish to help create a better understanding through the music of Japanese culture and the Japanese spirit. We hope that this project, “harmonise with infinity” will bring people of all walks of life closer together and create a greater sense of harmony among us all!

We hold concerts abroad, which are known as “Zen Concerts”. In our concerts, we politely explain Japanese culture and the Japanese spirit by using the local language and through KANA’s playing. Therefore, you will be able to understand both the culture  and the spirit very well. The Soundscape of "Wa" is a Japanese version of “Zen concert” by Project KANA. 

Past Performances

Zen concert

27 April 2017 Walferdance church (Luxembourg)

30 April 2017 Nittel church (Germany)

2 May 2017 Saar-Mosel-Winzersekt (Germany)

2 March 2019 Meru Dome (Ipoh, Malaysia)

3 March 2019 Penang Performing Art Centre (Penang, Malaysia)

18 October 2019 Kawaii Piano Gallery Dallas (Texas, United States of America)

22 October 2019 Tarleton State University (Texas, United States of America)

24 October 2019 McLennan Community College (Texas, United States of America)

28 October 2019 Texas Christian University (Texas, United States of America)

The Soundscape of "Wa"

9 September 2018 West Hills Hotel, Mito (The 28th Annual General Meeting of the Mito Branch of Shuhoukai, Ibaraki, Japan)

20 October 2018 Ibaraki Prefectural Culture Center (Ibaraki, Japan)

27 and 28 October 2018 Shougakuin (Tokyo, Japan)

20 November 2019 BRICKS HALL (Ibaraki, Japan)

Stay home, save lives! presented by Project KANA

Dear friends of the world,

This is a video message from Tokyo! I sincerely hope you are all well.




KANA Texas Tour 2019 

The 2019 Texas Tour finished recently; I am happy to say that it received excellent reviews. On the first day (October 18), the Japan- America Society of Dallas/ Fort Worth hosted our Zen concert at the Kawai Piano Gallery. An assortment of Japanese food was served at the pre-concert reception. The audience, including those people who were already interested in Japan, were able to discover a deeper understanding of Japanese culture and we received a number of standing ovations. Our three concerts and master classes at universities, Tarleton State University (October 22), McLennan Community College (October 24) and Texas Christian University (October 28), provided invaluable opportunities for young students and local people to learn about Japan and its music. In addition, both music students and students of Japanese were able to discuss their interests with KANA in person.

KANA’s evocative music, accompanied by fascinating images of Japan, captured the heart of every audience member regardless of age.

Online music distribution has started
KANA's album; " 雅 Miyabi" is streaming from below.  Please enjoy! 

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mora (JP)


line music (JP)

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Kana Madarame : Trumpet

Reiko Honshoh : Piano


Tetsunosuke Kushida / Haikai Suite

1. Aka aka to  hi wa tsurenaku mo  aki no kaze.

- The Autumn : Loneliness at the End of Summer.

2. Natsukusa ya  tsuwamono domo ga  yume no ato.

- The Wind : the Fragility of Human Dreams.

3. Ara umi ya! Sado ni yokotau  Ama-no-gawa.

- The Sea and The Sky : The Fragility of Human Fate.

4. Kochira muke… ware mo sabishiki  aki no kure.

- Dear Friend.

5. Masamicz Amano / Ciel d’automne à KANA Madarame

6. Hirokazu Fukushima / Interlude for Trumpet & Piano 

7. Masamicz Amano / Fantaisie de Cantus sur le nom de KANA et REIKO

8. Shinpei Nakayama , Nagayo Motoori ; arr. Sawako Yamazato / Children’s Songs written by Ujō Noguchi Anomachi Konomachi~Nanatsu no Ko~Aoime no Ningyō

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