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KANA Malaysian Tour 2019

ZEN CONCERT by Project KANA took place on 2ndMarch at Meru Dome in Ipoh, and on 3rd March at Penang Performing Art Centre. All the music was composed and arranged by Tetsunoske Kushida and the Malaysian audiences really enjoyed it. 


Our concert in Ipoh was a charity performance sponsored by Perak Women For Women Society (PWW to celebrate International Women's Day on the 8thMarch. PWW is a registered, apolitical, nonprofit and non-governmental organisation (NGO) set up in 2003 to enhance the status and lives of women in Perak irrespective of their race, religion and social background. They assist and support women and children who are victims of abuse, violence and discrimination. Project KANA donated part of its CD sales at the concert to PERAK.

Meru Dome had great acoustics even though it was a restaurant in a clubhouse. Some of the audience told us that they would try to do Zazen (zen training) the next morning. A Japanese member of the audience who lives in Ipoh said that the concert made her feel proud of Japanese culture. At the concert KANA wore a Japanese Kimono and looked very elegant while the sun set in the background. After the concert, many audience members took photographs with Project KANA


Our concert in Penang was a music exchange with Banana Brass Production (BBQ). They aim to encourage the development and appreciation of instrumental brass music. When KANA came into the hall a hush fell over the audience. The first part of the concert was Project KANA’s Zen concert and it received a standing ovation. For the encore, we played a Malaysian song, Rasa Sayang to which the audience clapped along. For the second part of the concert, BBQ and Project KANA got together on stage and had a wonderful time. Local university students who major in music attended the concert and really appreciated the show.


The concerts in Ipoh and Penang both sold out so Project KANA has to return to Malaysia in the near future.. See you soon in Malaysia! 

The Soundscape of "Wa" 2018

Project KANA played three  Soundscape of "Wa" concerts recently. The concerts took place at Ibaraki Prefectural Culture Center (Japan) on 20 October and at Shougakuin (Tokyo) on the nights of 27 and 28 October. The Soundscape of "Wa" is a Japanese version of the “Zen concert” by Project KANA. Introductions to the music were in Japanese and English. One of the venues, Shougakuin, is a Buddhist temple. The atmosphere there was both sacred and dignified.


Incense smoke and Japanese décor greeted the audiences, who were drawn into the world of "Wa". Tetsunosuke Kushida’s music and KANA’s trumpet playing enchanted them greatly . KANA expressed Japanese culture further by playing some pieces based on haiku written by Basho, the most famous Japanese poet. In addition, she performed pieces based on matsuri, an important Japanese festival, and sakura (cherry blossoms), which are loved by so many Japanese. She also played two hymns which helped the audiences to relax and experience Zen.


One of the highlight of the concert was Suite for Trumpet “Yin and Yang”  : Exploring Mito Kairakuen Park(World Premiere). I commissioned a new composition from Tetsunosuke Kushida  for this recital, which was based on my hometown Mito, in particular Mito Kairakuen Park (since 1842), one of the three most famous gardens in Japan. This suite consists of five pieces: MIHARUKASU (Overlook), MINAMO (Surface), YURAGU (Waver), KAZEKAORU (Fresh breeze), TASOGARE (Dusk) and the encore piece; SHIMIJIMITO (Contemplation). The concept of the park is everything contains both yin and yang. This was the belief of Nariaki Tokugawa (1800-1860) who formulated the plan for the park originally. By exploring the scenery in the park we can experience the harmony of yin and yang. In this music, Kushida expressed the ambiguity in yin and yang. In addition he expressed his thoughtfulness and experience based on his life of over eighty years. The 'Kai’ in Kairakuen refers to everyone, while 'raku̓means emotional leeway. Kushida incorporated yin and yang in all six pieces. KANA's performance expressed the park’s wonderful scenery exquisitely. The subtle use of lighting and images of the park, enabled audiences to fully comprehend the purpose behind the music.


Audiences told us that through the concerts they learned things about Japan that they had not known before even though they were Japanese. 

Moreover, some audience members commented that through listening to KANA perform they experienced a great sense of calm. The audiences took great enjoyment from the fact they had attended a unique event. With Project KANA, audiences experience more than just a concert. Next time it could be your turn. See you in your town!

KANA European tour 2017:

KANA European tour 2017 took place on 27th April at the Walferdance Church (Luxembourg), on 30th April at the Nittel church (Germany), and on 2nd May at Saar-Mosel-Winzersekt (Germany). It was called the "Zen Concert."


KANA wore a Japanese Kimono and most of the music was composed by Tetsunosuke Kushida. The atmosphere at each venue was fantastic. KANA warmly explained Japanese culture, Japanese spirit, and Shintoism. This was how the audience was able to understand and experience Zen. KANA’s commentary was translated into Luxembourgish and German by translators at the concerts. In response, many audience members said, “I was able to really understand the Japanese culture. I felt very close to Japan.” Audiences gave a standing ovation at the end of the concerts. This event and her story were featured in newspapers and on the internet. Many people are now looking forward to our Zen Concert in the USA.


Project KANA, ~harmonise with infinity~ will be shared all over the world!

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