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KANA Madarame : Trumpet

Born in Mito, Ibaraki, Japan. From an early age KANA began taking calligraphy lessons and started learning the Japanese harp, the koto. In addition, her parents brought her to organ class, because KANA's singing was very poor. After a few years of organ, A few years later KANA switched to the piano. When she was eight years old, she started playing trumpet in her school band. At the same time, she began to take part in road relay races, known as ekiden in Japanese. KANA mastered both fields, as she was very competitive. In junior high school, she was a member of the wind orchestra. KANA rehearsed every day so that making an effort became natural for her. After that, KANA’s life was not always easy. But then she came to a turning point in her life. This was when her beloved mother passed away.

After this, KANA realized she needed to live a good life in order to honor her mother. KANA’s attitude to life changed. She focused on living a healthy life and on improving her skills.

KANA plans to pursue her originality forever.

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Miyabi (2016)

Kana Madarame: Trumpet

Reiko Honshoh: Piano

[CAFUA CACG-0254, 2016]



Tetsunosuke Kushida / Haikai Suite

1. Aka aka to hi wa tsurenaku mo aki no kaze.

- The Autumn: Loneliness at the End of Summer.

2. Natsukusa ya tsuwamono domo ga yume no ato.

- The Wind: The Fragility of Human Dreams.

3. Ara umi ya! Sado ni yokotau Ama-no-gawa.

- The Sea and The Sky: The Fragility of Human Fate.

4. Kochira muke… ware mo sabishiki aki no kure.

- Dear Friend.

5. Masamicz Amano / Ciel d’automne à KANA Madarame

6. Hirokazu Fukushima / Interlude for Trumpet & Piano 

7. Masamicz Amano / Fantaisie de Cantus sur le nom de KANA et REIKO

8. Shinpei Nakayama, Nagayo Motoori; arr. Sawako Yamazato / Children’s Songs written by Ujō Noguchi Anomachi Konomachi~Nanatsu no Ko~Aoime no Ningyō


iyabi (2016)

Kana Madarame: Trumpet

Reiko Honshoh: Piano

[CAFUA CACG-0254, 2016]


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